Yume X7 Review: Things I Love about it

The electric scooter market is saturated with various vehicles that provide a variety of proportions features. In most cases, features are changed depending on the type of customer that the company plans to target.

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter is made to serve all those youngsters who want to travel to different cities with backpacks on their backs. Another market segment targeted by the Yumeway corporation is the working class (especially delivery and marketing personnel) who must carry boxes to distant locations.

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter is a heavy-duty device with plenty of motor power to surpass traditional speed barriers. The body is durable and light for better handling and longer useful life.

Unlike many other scooters, the U7 LED lights are adequate for driving at night. There is a slight problem with charging time, but all those details will be discussed later. With all these features on board, we can jump deep into a detailed review regarding how good or bad each aspect of the usage is.

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Yume X7 Review: Things I Love about it

Build quality and design

YUME X7 Electric Scooter is designed ergonomically and stylishly. The aluminum alloy body is strong enough to carry 330 pounds (about 150 kilograms). The sturdy body and heavy-duty motor (discussed later in this article) are durable enough to carry 330 pounds.

The frame has no rust, and it is lighter than other metallic substitutes. It weighs about 55 kilograms, so you cannot lift it unless you are strong. The handle is ergonomically designed to comfort your hand.

A comfortable grip on the handle stimulates relaxation and ensures you do not tire of holding the handlebar. The acrylic board has a broader surface for better stability, while the tires are pneumatic for better off-road performance.

Furthermore, four lights are integrated at the front to show you the way. There is an acrylic light strip attached to the scooter. This light contains seven basic colors that you can change with the help of a remote control. You will receive a removable seat that allows you to sit comfortably.

How effective is the performance?

The performance of the YUME X7 is more impressive than other contemporaries in the same price range. The top speed that the YUME X7 can reach is 55 miles per hour (approximately 89 kilometers per hour). This speed is suitable for intercity travel, especially because it has a maximum distance range of 80 miles (roughly 129 kilometers).

The angular limit of an inclined surface ranges between 35 and 60 degrees. You can use it on slopes and other less steep hill stations. However, you should remember that the scooter’s performance depends on the weight of the person standing on it.

What is its power?

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter is a powerhouse. It has dual motors that can perform better. The total wattage of the motor is 8000 watts (4000 watts each). The battery life is 72 volts, so it is powerful enough to carry heavy weight and travels long distances. However, the only major problem is the 8 hours long charging time.

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter houses a dual charging port, but it still fails to charge the battery in due time. This is the only factor you should consider before purchasing the YUME X7 Electric Scooter. Precise trip planning is necessary as the battery would take a long to charge when it depletes during a long trip.

What features does it offer in terms of stability?

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter is a stable companion as it has 13 inches-wide tires. These tires are pneumatic, so one can expect them to absorb shocks and provide a better grip on the road. The suspension system is impressive as well.

A couple of hydraulic suspensions are integrated at the front to absorb all the shock while traveling on an uneven track. The dual spring suspension at the rear performs the same function. The hydraulic suspension is motorbike-graded to make it less risky.

Controllability and monitoring

Keeping track of the YUME X7 Electric Scooter is easy because the company has integrated a colored LED display in the center of the handlebar. An option is available to either color or decolors the LED screen using a remote control. You can conveniently monitor the rate of speed, mode of speed, and remaining battery life while traveling.

The LED screen is clearer than cheaper electric scooters. Controlling the YUME X7 Electric Scooter is hassle-free because the ignition is easy, three-speed adjustments are available for full command, and two power modes are integrated for better motor management. All these controls are easily accessible through the buttons placed on the handlebar.

Does it provide any safety features?

Safety is not a problem considering the precautionary measures installed inside the YUME X7 Electric Scooter. The suspension system is almost flawless, so you will not wobble on uneven roads. The 13 inches wide tires ensure that the balance is stable.

The hydraulic brakes are also on-time, meaning the wheels lock immediately after applying brakes. This braking system is more effective and safer than the traditional disc brake mechanism.

The battery and other electronic components are shock-resistant and short-circuit-proof. Furthermore, navigation and on-road turns are safe because the YUME X7 Electric Scooter has four U7 LED lights at the front and a brake light integrated at the rear.

This ensures that you can see in the dark, and following drivers can know that you are about to apply brakes. You will find the turn signal handle at the back of your vehicle. It allows you to let people know that you are about to take a turn.

The acrylic lights make the scooter visible at night to reduce the risk of accidents. Last but not least, the YUME X7 Electric Scooter has a horn incorporated to make overtaking and driving easy.

Water resistance

Water resistance could be more effective at protecting electronic components. Even though the battery has numerous precautionary measures to preserve power and performance, the main problem remains inadequate water resistance.

The IP54 water resistance is more than sufficient for other electric gadgets, but considering the YUME X7’s usage pattern, it is below par. A heavy shower exposes the battery and lights to malfunction. However, insulation tape can cover wiring and other open components.


You will get a complete set of accessories inside the box:

  1. The electric scooter.
  2. A user manual for understanding the device.
  3. Two chargers for dual charging.
  4. Remote control to control lighting.
  5. A removable seat for added comfort.
  6. Sticker for the acrylic deck.
  7. Screws for instant assembly.
  8. The package also contains a bag pack and a tool kit as a gift.


  • The dual motor is heavy-duty and laborious.
  • Long-lasting battery for long-distance travel.
  • Simple LED monitoring with easily accessible controls.
  • Durable frame for better weight bearing.
  • On-time brakes for safety.
  • Motorcycle-grade hydraulic suspension.
  • Comfortable handlebar with removable seat.
  • Easy folding and unfolding.
  • Top scooter for speedy transit.


  • Charging is very time-consuming.
  • Water resistance is inadequate.
  • There are quad suspensions integrated into certain scooter models.

Is the YUME X7 a good scooter?

Is this even a question? The YUME X7 Electric Scooter costs around 2800 dollars on the official website. You might think it is overpriced, but the features discussed in our article are nearest to an ideal electric scooter.

In addition, the company installed dual motors with 8000 watts of power, so there would be no malfunction during heavy loading and long travel. The YUME X7 Electric Scooter’s range of distance is adequate for intercity traveling and lonely trips to distant locations.

It has a secure brake application, effective shock absorbance, a durable frame, convenient LED screen monitoring, simple controls, and efficient performance. However, we would have loved a shorter charging time because 8 to 10 hours long charging time is way too long to wait for. Besides the slow charging time, water resistance is another thing to pay attention to before purchasing.

Who is the YUME X7 electric scooter for?

The YUME X7 is suitable for different classes of users. This heavy-duty machinery has a unique proportion of features you will find amusing.

This electric scooter suits students and travelers equally because the power-efficient motor and impressive performance stats are efficient enough to carry a backpack. The build is durable enough to carry 150 kilograms while its range is well over 100 kilometers. The comfortable design and seat attachment allow travelers to move without getting tired.

The said features are relevant for various jobs as well. Delivering packages is a prime example. If you plan to purchase an electric scooter to deliver food, we highly recommend the YUME X7 Electric Scooter because it ticks all the boxes. A frequent night traveler would also love this electric scooter as it has great lighting incorporated into the main body.

However, we would not recommend using it off-road often. You should avoid purchasing an electric scooter due to its water resistance during the rainy season. Moreover, it is only suitable for buyers with a low budget. Sorry sweeties, but high-quality things are expensive, as we say.

What makes the YUME X7 electric scooter so special?

The thing that makes the YUME X7 Electric Scooter special is the highly impressive 8000-watt dual motor. The motor is supported by an equally laborious battery that provides over a hundred kilometers. It has a stylish but equally durable frame allows the user to carry a maximum load of 150 kilograms.

The hydraulic and spring suspensions are great at absorbing shocks, along with the off-road pneumatic tires that do not wear off that easily. The hydraulic brakes lock the tires instantly for on-time stopping, ensuring maximum safety. Moreover, controlling is easy since the buttons are accessible, and the LED is simple and prominent for convenience.

The YUME X7 Electric Scooter is an expensive vehicle widely available online. From design and performance to power and stability, the YUME X7 Electric Scooter covers everything with brilliance and experience.

Final Verdict

The Yumeway corporation has set its standard in producing the best electric scooters for different classes of people. While the YUME X7 might seem a bit expensive, you should know that it is an extremely efficient vehicle that can carry you to your workplace or any other far-off destination.

Quality is the first and foremost thing you should look for while purchasing anything. The YUME X7 Electric Scooter passes the quality test with flying colors. There is no doubt that power and performance are not compromised since the motor and battery are heavy-duty.

The frame is durable, with ergonomic handlebars for a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the lighting is better than other electric scooters that barely show something a couple of feet apart. The most lovable features of the YUME X7 Electric Scooter are safety and stability. Hydraulic brakes and high-quality suspension ensure the rider feels no shock while traveling.

Ultimately, we recommend the YUME X7 Electric Scooter to those who travel long distances with a backpack or other accessories. Opt for added strength and security besides efficient performance is always preferable.

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