Yume A5 Review: Things I love

Electric scooters have been a major success in reducing carbon footprint and ensuring that traveling is more affordable than ever. Apart from these electrically powered scooters, the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a traditional vehicle developed for even simpler use.

Forget about all the advancements companies have made to make their electric scooters technically superior. It is time to invest your money in something more manual and mechanical than other models.

The batteries, motors, speed, and even mileage are irrelevant because the Yumeway corporation has developed a manual kick scooter that only runs on human power. It might feel like a disadvantage, but traditional devices have merits.

Knowing what the YUME A5 Kick Scooter has on offer is not as simple as it seems. The manufacturers have invested a lot in smaller details to ensure the riders get the most out of the pennies they spend.

This article mentions and explains all the features of this simple yet value-adding kick scooter. Read this article and enlighten yourself on how a specific device like the YUME A5 Kick Scooter can be superior and sufficing.

Yume A5 Review: Things I love

Are the design and build quality good?

One good thing about the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is that it is free from all the performance stats you need to study before purchasing an electric scooter. There is no such thing as mileage, as you will not find a battery in this kick scooter. Similarly, the speed is dependent on the user as well.

The harder you kick, the faster it will get. According to the manufacturer, it can reach 20 kilometers per hour since the wheels are smooth. The tires are discussed later in the article.

Furthermore, the YUME A5 Kick Scooter has a maximum load limit of 90 kilograms, sufficient for a kid or teenager carrying a backpack. It can support more than one child in certain situations, but the weight should not exceed the 90 kilograms limit.

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What Is The Price?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter costs way lower than the electric scooters. Where even the most affordable electric scooter is sold at a price over 500 dollars, the Yumeway corporation has developed a durable but traditional kick scooter at 99 dollars. This price is market competitive because other companies do not provide such a value at such an affordable cost.

What are the Dimensions?

The dimensions of the YUME A5 Kick Scooter are pretty comfortable and suitable for young riders. When we consider the exact numbers, the dimension reads 35 to 43 inches x 20 inches x 36 inches. The size is more compact than the standard electric scooter available online.

What Type Of Folding Mechanism Does it Have?

A convenient feature adopted from electric scooters is the folding and unfolding mechanism. The YUME A5 Kick Scooter has a quicker single-second folding system than all other substitutes on the market.

The dimensions after folding are 6 inches x 5 inches x 35 inches. The height reduces dramatically from 35 inches to just 6 inches. The handlebar collapsing mechanism is also awesome, discussed later in the article.

Material and weight

The handlebar, stem, and deck are made of aluminum alloy. This material is rust-free and durable. Moreover, it is sleek and looks as classy as any other high-end scooter sold online.

The body is covered with nano environmental coating, saving it from external damage. It weighs just 6.5 kilograms if you are considering how light it would be. Furthermore, the handlebar has a TRP rubber grip to keep it comfortable when riding the scooter.

How good is the Overall design?

The most impressive feature that you would find in the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is the kickstand-free design to make parking a lot easier. It saves you from the hustle of pulling the kickstand down whenever you park it.

A mudguard is integrated into the rear wheel to save the user from rain, mud, and dirt. The scooter is assembled, so you need no extensive engineering apart from tightening a few screws.

Durability and Strength

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is extremely durable; you should not consider it a toy vehicle. Its deck is made of elastic material that prevents it from deforming. Due to the same reason, this manual scooter can carry a load of 90 kilograms. The body is coated with a nano-environmental coating to ensure that environmental factors such as rain and heat do not damage the outer layer.

What are the Adjustments?

Certain adjustments and features are incorporated into the YUME A5 Kick Scooter to make it convenient and comfortable. The stem has a height adjustment available to vary the handlebar height between 35 and 43 inches.

These eight inches are a big deal when your kid is growing. Furthermore, the handlebar length can be reduced when folding the YUME A5 Kick Scooter. This is discussed later under the “portability” heading.

Is it Portable?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a very portable product because it has a simple folding and unfolding mechanism. The scooter folds in just a second so that you can keep it inside your car, garage, or lounge. The weight is also light since it is just 6.5 kilograms compared to electric scooters that weigh over 25 kilograms.

Not only the main body but the handlebar is also foldable. It has a collapsing design that keeps it more compact than other models. The handlebar width is often the most troublesome thing to accommodate; however, the YUME A5 Kick Scooter has managed it impressively. Furthermore, no battery is integrated, so you need not worry about charging the scooter.

What Comfort level does it have?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a comfortable option for your kids. It has a 5-inch wide deck that provides a stable base for you to stand on. Your kid can comfortably put his foot on the deck while kicking the road. Moreover, the stem has a height adjustment feature already mentioned.

This ensures that the YUME A5 Kick Scooter grows with your child and he/she does not feel that the scooter has gotten short. Other than this, the tires are wide enough to allow the rider to stand tall and maintain balance without much effort.

Is it Powerful?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is free from the detailed analysis of power features. No batteries or motors are installed, unlike the electric scooters on the Yumeway website.

As we have already discussed, this kick scooter is developed for kids and teenagers, so it is always preferable to gift them something with minimal electric intervention.

Furthermore, the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is environment-friendly as it runs on human power only. It might be tiresome for your kid, but you should look at the brighter side. The more he rides this scooter, the more exercise his legs would get.

How big are the tires?

The company has developed the tires differently than the electric scooters. The YUME A5 Kick Scooter has a couple of eight inches wide tires that provide considerable stability and balance.

Moreover, these tires are pneumatic, so you should not expect them to burst that quickly, but the company does not promise off-road functionality. This is why we would suggest keeping it on the road.

An important thing to consider is that these tires are smooth (lacking patterns) to ensure maximum speed when kicking. However, the lack of friction is not always good because you might lose your grip on slippery roads.

How good is the suspension?

A suspension is installed at the front tire of the YUME A5 Kick Scooter. It is in-built inside a covering and then fused to the head tube. This suspension system is not as effective as dual tire shock absorbers, but it is what it is. At a human-powered speed, this suspension system is adequate to mitigate the shocks sustained on the road.

As mentioned, avoid excessively bumpy tracks as the shock absorbers are not efficient enough to protect the YUME A5 Kick Scooter against it.

Is the Braking system good?

You cannot expect a kick scooter to boast a hydraulic braking system. The YUME A5 Kick Scooter houses a mechanical and electric anti-lock braking system common in most bicycles. It is effective enough to halt the scooter on time because the speed cannot exceed 20 kilometers per hour.

Moreover, the company has shared a trick where you can step on the cover of the rear tire to apply friction to it. This will stop the YUME A5 Kick Scooter quicker than usual.

Is it a good kick scooter?

You should consider certain factors to determine whether the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a good vehicle. The first thing that you should ascertain is your usage pattern. If you want a simple scooter, this is the best available option. However, it is insufficient for buyers who want electric controllability and other high-end features.

Your budget also determines whether the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is good. If your budget is limited, investing in this kick scooter is wise since it costs 99 dollars. On the other hand, buyers with a better budget can afford other high-end scooters, so that the YUME A5 Kick Scooter might feel redundant in this case.

Your preferences are also important before purchasing the YUME A5 Kick Scooter. Solid stability, excellent safety, and long-lasting durability are some of the main things that most people demand. This product fulfills the same features to various extents.

How fast does it go?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a human-powered vehicle that has no motor or battery housed inside the body. The maximum speed of the A5 Kick Scooter depends on how fast a rider kicks the road. The company has estimated that a regular driver cannot exceed the 20 kilometers per hour limit. The tires are made smooth to maximize agility, but that has a limit too.

Who is this kick scooter for?

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a traditional tailor-made vehicle that compliments simple usage. A grown-up adult would never invest his savings in a product that is this simple. The Yumeway corporation understood this factor and advertised it as a kid scooter. The body is not as sturdy as other scooters made for adults, as it has a maximum load limit of 90 kilograms.

Your kids can use this scooter to travel to school or a nearby park without burdening your pocket. Since we already know that excessive power consumption can cost a lot of money, battery recharge of a manual kick scooter is always preferable.

Furthermore, human power ensures that your kid receives much-needed physical activity. There are no complicated features or high speed to worry about. Apart from this, an adult with severe financial conditions can purchase this kick scooter but must keep the load limit in mind.

What makes this kick scooter so unique?

There are several kick scooters that you should find in the stores. The companies have tried to maintain a low price, so they usually forego the quality of frames and components. However, the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is different, especially because it is a durable vehicle that resists deformation like no other similar product.

Another astonishing thing about this kick scooter is the price at which it is available on the official Yumeway website. It is sold at 99 dollars, making it an ideally budget-friendly scooter.

Moreover, the comfort is unprecedented since the stem and handlebar have adjustments available. The folding and unfolding mechanism is prompt and simple to carry it anywhere. The simplicity of usage and handling is another factor you will surely like about the YUME A5 Kick Scooter.

Final Words

The YUME A5 Kick Scooter is one of the most popular human-powered vehicles among youngsters. This is surely the best gift that you can buy for your kid. It is durable and stylish. The Yumeway corporation has maintained the same quality of frame as it had in other high-end electric scooters.

The folding and height adjustment mechanism ensures this scooter is portable & simple to handle. The stability and braking system is the best you can get at a low price. You might find it hard to believe that traditional scooters are still viable, but we guarantee that kick scooters are better for your kid than electric ones.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a vehicle under 100 dollars. Purchasing the YUME A5 Kick Scooter for your kid means the initial investment is low, and the maintenance cost is negligible.

It requires no charging or electric repair, so your budget will not be affected. It is safe to say that spending money on the YUME A5 Kick Scooter is a safe investment. Invest in it. Let your kid remain physically active. Make him feel that he has his mode of conveyance. His property.

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